Commercial WaterSports, Inc. manufactures custom Parasail boats that are USCG certified. We also manufacture custom fishing and tour boats. Our custom modified V hulls give an extremely gentle, dry ride which allows operations in waves and wind, in oceans and lakes that are a pleasure for all our passengers. We are a leader in the Parasail Industry due to our customer support.

We make Parasailing safe, easy and fun for the whole family.

Commercial WaterSports, also known as CWS made its introduction into the water sports industry in 1986. From past to present CWS has always been on the leading edge with our research and development of new products and the continuing improvement of our existing products. As a result, CWS has established a worldwide network as the world's largest supplier to water sports concessions.

With our enhance and expanded product lines, Commercial Water Sports can help you create your own water sports center to include Parasailing. You'll enjoy financial success in an environment that embodies fun and recreation.

The products sold in any business are the foundation of a successful venture. However, support services provided by a vendor should be of the greatest concern to any potential customer prior to the purchase. With our extensive parts inventory and top rated service support we can keep you running all season long. Commercial Water Sports recognizes that we can only be measured by the growth and prosperity of our customer base. It is this dedication to the industry and our customers that makes CWS the world leader in water sports products and services.

We are not just selling products; we offer a program to make your business fun, exciting and profitable.

"Designed by captains for captains."

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